Wake up and quit

Today is the day it all begins…

I sent in my letter of resignation this morning when I woke up and then sat don to write this entry. It was a very odd feeling when I sent the letter to my employer, I don’t feel bad or guilty but I will miss the people I work with. I don’t remember the last time I wrote a formal letter of resignation. This one felt odd, mostly because I don’t have another employer I am leaving the company for. I am just leaving. I had hoped to secure a teaching position in Thailand before I left but none of the opportunities came to fruition. So I am taking this alternative opportunity and prepping to leave so that I can travel and explore. I had previously spent one month in Thailand on holiday and loved it. I have always been a traveling soul but have been restricted the last few years because of my family obligations. I went all over Thailand experiencing their culture and the cultures of the world within. I met amazing people who treated me as family and I them. I wish to see more of the world and hopefully heal a bit of my broken soul though the process. It has been a concept that has helped me throughout the most difficult times of my life but I truly believe travel therapy is the best option for me. This time with no restrictions though. After my mother passed away when I was young my father took my sister and I to Hawaii. I had the opportunity to swim with dolphins and play on the beach. This of course did not cure the pain that I carried around with me but it did show me that the beauty of the world has healing properties.

I will keep updating on the preparation progress as it comes along.