And away we go…..

I am writing this post from the inside of the Portland international airport awaiting my first flight of many that will eventually land me in Bangkok. I decided to take some time off of work and do some more traveling so I put in my notice at work and moved out of my apartment in Monterey CA. I spent a week driving up to Oregon stopping to see friends and family along the way. First I was able to visit some friends in the San Francisco Bay Area who have been extremely supportive throughout the struggles I have been going through. We ate and drank as we usually do, it felt as though we would be seeing each other in a few weeks as per the norm. I went from their house to my friends new property in Fort Bragg which is a beautiful piece of land. I was able to bask in the dreams and ambitions she has for her familys new home. It made me realize that life is all about dreams, goals, and ambitions. If someone is lacking a goal or theirs was disrupted such as mine was with my daughter then life is thrown into chaos. Life becomes a literal living hell when you have nothing to look forward to nothing to work toward. It was difficult for me at first to move on from the dreams that were ripped from my grasp. I struggled to even find small things that I wanted to work for. I am still ironing out the details but now I am starting to be able to decide what it is that I want to do with this new life of mine. I have decided to travel as much as I can, that goal might change over time but that is part of life, the change. 

So I was able to spend some time with friends and a few weeks with my Dad, his wife, my sister, and brother in law. It was great to spend extended time with them as I have lived so far away from them for so long. I was able to enjoy the beauty of Oregon, camping several times, crabbing, and hiking. The multitude of adventures reminded me of what it will be like traveling back to south east Asia. 


I hope that you will join me on my journey through SE Asia to discover the beauty and healing quality that traveling has to offer. 

And away we go….


One thought on “And away we go…..

  1. Dearest Alex,
    You have been on my mind often lately, and I was wondering where you were and what you were up to. It’s a delight to hear from you.
    I thoroughly agree with your comment about how our hopes and dreams give meaning and purpose to our lives. When tragedy strikes it seems to tear those hopes and dreams away. With time and a soul as resilient as yours you eventually can come to realize you actually can make new hopes and dreams. The tragedy then becomes the instrument that has provided the space for those new possibilities.
    My prayer is that your travels provide you with the meaning you seek. I know they can, it is up to you to bring that energy to fruition. You have a magic within you; the world is your oyster and you are the pearl. It will be so exciting to hear of the shape you take. EnJOY your journey. Those who love you are walking beside you, always, m


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