Pokhara the gem of Nepal

I arrived into Pokhara at 5:30 am by way of the night bus, I was unable to see the magnificent beauty of this town at that moment. As I was waiting to be checked in early several trekkers were getting ready to head out onto the Annapurna mountain range for several days to several weeks. I climbed the stairs of the hostel I was staying in and unloaded my gear, at that moment the sun was rising so I stepped out onto the balcony to see Phewa lake surrounding mountain range. I then realized that I had traveled to a gem hidden within the granite outcropping of the Himalayas. This place exudes calm and serenity which is a far cry from the capital of Kathmandu. There are lakeside restaurants, yoga studios, and quaint cafes where travelers can unload their stories of trekking the surrounding trails. The city is built around the lake and a clean beautiful lake it is. Spending the day renting a boat with or without a local to paddle you around is a great way to spend the afternoon. My group opted for a foot pedal boat and crossed the lake to where one of the rivers enter the lake. We swam and looked for the waterfall but gave up as this time of year there is not much flow from the river. We stopped by a lakeside restaurant and re supplied our caches of beer, cider, and crisps. After that we paddled near the middle of the lake and rested while listening to music, it was a rough way to spend a hot sunny afternoon. The next day was spent paragliding over jungle and the lake, although I got a little motion sickness it did not detract from the beauty of the experience. The opportunities here are endless from the fore mentioned activities to hiking to the World Peace Pagoda to trekking and many more. I plan to return to this area for more trekking, site seeing, and just relaxing.. 

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